Jake – Camp Y-Noah, OH

Hi, I’m Jake and I spent the summer of 2015 at Camp Y Noah in Clinton, Ohio.

I chose to go with CCUSA as the staff were helpful and always gave me good advice. The process is easy and the option for them to purchase your flights make it an excellent choice. CCUSA only got better after I applied. I had a few interviews with different camps which was an awesome experience and I managed to find a camp that was right for me. A few months before camp I got an invite to an induction event. As it was my first time applying to camps this provided all the necessary information about what to take, and gave critical information about what you can expect when you get there.  The visa process was easy also, the staff were waiting outside the embassy for me and provided me with all the necessary details to fill out my application form.

What can I say about camp? Its FANTASTIC! I originally took the job as a job and thought “I’ll get a bit of money over the summer”. Trust me, within the first week I fell in love with the camp and my opinion of the experience being “just a job” changed.  The best thing about being a counsellor is that the campers worship you. They look up to you and you are their hero. I will be honest though – there are many highs but there are also lows. The lows at Camp Y-Noah was Friday nights when we said our goodbyes to the campers. We had a chance to reflect on our week together and a good sing song. The campers would cry and the counsellors would cry but as we said at camp “It’s not Goodbye it’s See you soon” and to be honest once the campers left on Saturday most would come back for another week for more fun.  The best thing about camp is the Counsellors you meet. I met two of my best friends while working at camp and I treasure the moments we spent together. Don’t expect camp to be easy! It’s hard work and long hours and expect to get your hands dirty especially for the big clean at the end! Also don’t be afraid to come out of your shell, before I went to camp I was not the most confident person but getting up and performing at a few wacky camp fires and getting dressed up soon made me forget I had this problem.


I would return to camp every summer if I could, unfortunately I had to grow up this year as I graduated from Keele University. My experience from Camp completely changed my career path. I now have a job working at Newton Abbot school in Devon England. I work with Students from 11 – 18 who suffer from a range of disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s and who may come from challenging backgrounds. The reason I took the job was because camp made me believe that where ever you come from and who ever you are, background etc, you fit in and you deserve to achieve what you want to achieve.

If your heading to Camp, be prepared for a life changing experience. Its hard work, blood, sweat and tears (Trust me I took a few trips to the hospital) but one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life and the friends you make will last a life time. Don’t be afraid if you can’t fit everything into your suit case. Walmart is your best friend and you can buy cheap clothing for less than $10 which is fantastic when your getting chased by campers with paint! Get involved, I saw campers playing Pokemon cards, I bought a pack and got playing, I lost a lot! But they loved it. Camp food is camp food – it’s good, it’s bad, but its food and you appreciate it after a long day. Sitting down with the campers for an evening meal is great especially when they volunteer to tidy up. Campers are still kids so be prepared for the tantrums – it happens. But by the end of the day you’re best friends again. Please DO NOT take it for granted, you will miss it every day after you leave.


I would recommend CCUSA to anyone who wants to head off to camp or anyone returning. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in going to camp, you won’t regret it. It’s a life changing experience only you and a select few who have experienced camp will understand. So jump on the band wagon and welcome to the Camp Counsellor Club!


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