14 Things Camp Counselors Know to be True

  1. You won’t sleep right for 2 months, yet you’re still able to fully function the next day. Naps are Essential for survival.



  1. If you work anywhere but waterfront you get the weirdest of tan lines.



  1. Singing camp songs outside of camp and having people look at you funny. Non camp people just don’t get it!!



  1. You forget everything that is going on in your life and fully immerse yourself in your job and your kids. Kendall who?



  1. Camp showers aren’t the best. You usually have to queue for them and by the time you get in the pressure is low and the water is cold. But hey, you get 5 mins peace to yourself.



  1. As much as the kids can drain your battery levels, camp wouldn’t be the same without them! You do everything you can to put a smile on their faces and create wonderful memories for them and for yourself.



  1. No matter how long the kids have been at camp they still ask what time milk and cookies is at.



  1. Camp Bracelets are like currency.



  1. You learn to eat all your meals in 0.5 seconds, Now that’s a skill!



  1. Camp is more than a job – it’s a lifestyle. It’s hard to just see it as a temporary summer job. It consumes all of you and by Christmas you start to countdown the days until you are back at second home.



  1. Camp gives you the opportunity to become the best version of yourself; someone who the kids look up to and admire.



  1. Camp allows you to meet some of the kindest and warm hearted people on the planet, people that you make life long bonds with.



  1. Waterfront is THEEEEEE place to work and all problems can be solved by a dip in the lake. Sunny day swims are the BEST!



  1. Any list that tries to sum up camp will fail as it’s impossible to put into words just how awesome it is!



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